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hey i really want to get 95% please help me out what am i supposed to do for my boards!!
asked by Riddhi Jain (olive1909) 7 years ago
Hi am Anirudh r from Bangalore passed out  10 ICSE with 92% if u have any doubts or queries regarding the syllabus u can contact me my number 7829783815
asked by Anirudh (an12370) 7 years ago
How to get above 90 in english grammar
asked by Saket Singh (saket38) 7 years ago
Hey guys!!!!! I've opted for PCMB, should I drop one of the subject>>?
asked by Agrim (alan1) 7 years ago
Has anyone made any group like ISC 2018? Cuz I want all of you back to my dashboard!
JOOC, does anyone remember me yet?
And yes yes, same has happened with me too! I got 90 in English while a 95 was expected :C
asked by Eirina (peaceouteirina) 8 years ago
By what time you guys getting your marksheet ?
asked by Nidhi Kashyap (siri145) 8 years ago
Ssup folks :)
asked by Yolomama69 (yolomama69) 8 years ago
94.6% overall with
99- eco app
97- science
95- hist and geo
92- english
90- math
asked by Sidra Haider (sidrahaider) 8 years ago
Guys I had a doubt about revaluation. I got 88 in science where I expected atleast 93. Should I give my paper for reval? I heard that marks might get reduced. Is this true?
asked by Darshan Deshpande (darshan1504) 8 years ago
whats your percentageguys    mine is 97
asked by Monisher Monishering (monishering) 8 years ago

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