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What is the capital of Manipur?Answer
asked by Yogesh 107 days ago
guys pls suggest some good ways to go watch oppenheimer as it a rated. im 15 yr old and will be going in 15 person group together to watch the amazing movie. i know this is not the space to ask but pls help. Will be very grateful for any help. Yar idhar tak padh liya to kuch to bata hi doAnswer
asked by Dhruv Shah 306 days ago
Hydrochloric acid turns pink coloured potassium permanganate to which colour?Answer
asked by Vivanth 6 years ago
how to find vegetation of the given toposheetAnswer
asked by Pavan Sd 6 years ago
i got 99% if any 1 wnt any hlp or crash course 7044922566. without any chargesAnswer
asked by Ankit Kumar 7 years ago

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