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Most Frequently asked questions:

Someone has uploaded a ResPaper that infringes on my copyright. Can you please delete it?

We take copyright violations very seriously. If a user has uploaded a ResPaper with material that you own the copyright to, please provide us the details including the URL of the ResPaper using the form below. Necessary action will be taken as soon as possible.

I have subscribed to the ResPaper service but am still not able to view ResPapers.

This can happen if you have created multiple accounts on ResPaper. While the subscription was made using one account, access is being attempted using a different account. To avoid this, make sure you are logged on to the web site using the same account that you were using when the subscription was made. You may see this behavior in ResApp for Android as well, and in that case, you need to uninstall and reinstall the app from this link. If you still have problems, provide us the details including any confirmation emails you have the form below.

How do I upload a ResPaper?

Click here and follow the directions! It is easy and fun.

How can I add the red line ResMarkersTM to a ResPaper?

Let's face it: ResMarkers make ResPapers AWESOME!! Adding ResMarkersTM to a ResPaper is important, as it allows others to answer questions and contribute to the ResPaper. To add the line markers, go to the ResPaper, and click on the locations, usually after the end of each question, where you'd like to add the line markers. Then click on Save. Can be done from mobile too! Just make sure you are zoomed in.

How do I get more people to view my ResPaper and contribute to it?

Don't forget to tell your friends about the ResPapers you upload. An easy way of doing so is by clicking on the Facebook, Twitter of Google+ links on the ResPaper itself, just like the ones shown below and on the right on this page!


After uploading a ResPaper using the camera on my phone, the page shows up horizontal instead of vertical. Can I rotate it?

When you are uploading a ResPaper using the camera of your device, you can rotate it before clicking Submit. You may also crop the image, and adjust the brightness, contrast or sharpness on the same page.

How can I find the ResPapers on a particular subject or exam?

You may try our ResPaper Finder (Beta). OR
To find ResPapers for a particular subject or exam, the search box that appears at the top on all pages may be used. Or from right here:

Can you send the ResPapers to my email?

ResPaper cannot send or email you the papers in any form (printed or digital). You are welcome to browse them online on, or download them to your Android device by clicking this link from your phone: ResApp - The ResPaper App.

Where are the answers to questions?

Answers to questions -- the Responses -- can be seen by taking your mouse to the red box -- the ResBoxTM : The location of a ResBoxTM is to one side of the ResMarkerTM, typically the left, which itself is a line that usually appears after a question, or at any point where interaction with other users is desirable. If no responses are present, we encourage you to enter your response. On a mobile phone/tablet, touch the ResBoxTM to view/enter responses.

How do I sign in or create an account?

From this page.

How do I leave a group?

Go to your profile page, and click the "leave group" link next to the group you wish to leave.

How can I clear my message history in inbox?

  1. Log on to from a computer.
  2. Go to your Inbox.
  3. Hover your mouse over a user name in the list on the left. A red "x" icon appears.
  4. If you click the "x", you can delete the chat with the user. It also blocks the user from messaging you in the future. If you'd like to only delete the messages, but allow the user to message you in the future, you may unblock them from your profile page. In the future, we may allow only deleting of messages (without blocking the user).
The same can also be done using a browser on a mobile device, but it may not be as convenient.

How can I remove information from my profile, or change my profile image?

  1. Log on to with your User ID and password.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Click ON the information you'd like to remove or change. The information will become editable when you click on it.
  4. To change the profile image, click on "update your photo" link under your profile image in the Summary section.
For any of your requests to be entertained, you must be logged with your own user ID to make or request any changes to your profile.

I'd like to advertise on How do I go about it?

Contact us directly by filling the form below.

How can I request deletion of my account?

You can get your account permanently removed (this action is not reversible) by contacting us using the form below.

If your question is not answered above, feel free to write to us using this form.

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