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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : Geography (St. Stephens School, Dum Dum, Kolkata (Calcutta))

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St. Stephen's School, Dum Dum, Kolkata (Calcutta)
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ST. STEPHENS SCHOOL, DUMDUM PRE BOARD EXAMINATION CLASS-10 SUBJECT- GEOGRAPHY FULL MARKS- 80 TIME 15 MINUTES FOR READING 2 HOURS WRITING 30 MINS FOR SCANNING AND MAKING PDF [ANSWERS MUST BE BRIEF AND TO THE POINT] PART A [ATTEMPT ALL THE QUETIONS] 1. STUDY THE TOPOGRAPHICAL MAP OF 45 D/7 (ii), AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION. a)Find the four figure grid of i) Confluence of Hanva nala and Varka Nadi ii) Spot height of 591 located in the south eastern section of the map extract (2) b) Calculate the direct distance in km between Dhaneri(8688) AND Odha(8891) (2) c) Mention the drainage pattern in the grid 8996 AND 9286 (2) d) Calculate the area enclosed between Eastings 87-91 and Northings 92-94. (2) e) Name the following i) An estimated height in metres of a particular point on the ground indicated by a black dotii) A type of scale depicted on maps that combines both verbal scale and representative fraction.2 f) Mention one natural feature and one man made feature from the grid 8596 2 g) i) On which bank of the Varka Nadi does the settlement of Gangudra lie? ii) What is the direction of Ratanpur (8786) from Malpuriya (9190) 2 h) Mention a feature depicted by yellow and a feature depicted by black on topographical maps. (2) i) Identify the following symbols i) red dotted lines in the grid 8787 ii) brown line in the grid 8791 (2) j) What is the settlement pattern in the grid 8596. Mention one occupation of this settlement. (2) Protect by PDF Anti-Copy for Android (Update to Pro to remove watermark)

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