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Exam Class 10 2020 : Geography

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Akarsh Jain Badkul
Smt. Lilavatibai Podar High School (LPHS), Mumbai
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General Instrutions 1. Section A is compulsory. All questions from Section A are to be attempted. 2. Answer any two questions from Section B and answer any three questionsfrom Section C. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets. SECTION - A Attempt all questions from this Section. Question 1 Study the extract of the Survey of India Map Sheet No. 45 D/ 7 and answer the following questions. Click here for Survey of India Map Sheet No. 45 D/ 7. (a) Give the meaning of the following conventional signs: i. The blue spot in village Kheda in the South-west corner of the map. ii. The irregular black lines along the Sarod Nala in the square whose four-figure grid reference is 8284. [2] (b) State three advantages that Dantiwada (South of River Banas) has over other settlements in the region. [2] (c) How are (i) Cultivated land and (ii) Wooded land represented on the map? [1] (d) Assuming that you can see upto had a kilometre on either side of the cart track, describe the journey by motor-car from Dantiwada in grid square 8480 to Sikariya in grid square 8081 with reference to: i. Direction ii. Physical Features; and iii. Vegetation. [3] (e) What is the area in square kilometres of the cultivated region enclosed by vertical grid lines 82 and 84 and the horizontal grid lines 78 and 80? [1] (f) Give the six figure grid reference of the well approximately half a kilometre west of village Ramsida in the south-east section of the map. What is the total depth, in metres, from the top to the bottom of the well? [1] (g) What is the main occupation of the people of the villages indicated on the map extract? [1] (h) Give two points of contrast between the region on the right bank and the region on the left bank of the Arado Nadi. [1] (i) What is the difference in height, in metres, between the highest point in the map and the contour height in grid square 8984? [1] (j) In the south east part of the map, why do some of the streams not join the main. [1] (k) What is the general habitation of human habitation (settlement) in the map extract? [1] (l) Measure the length of the canal (under construction) in metres from the point whose six figure grid references is 804797 to the point whose six-figure grid reference is 821804. [1] (m) What does 6r written against the unmetalled road (gravelled) in grid square 8478 mean? [1] (n) How does the drainage pattern in grid square 8186 differ from the pattern of streams in grid square 8585? [1] (o) Can you send a telegram from any of the villages appearing on the map? If so, write the name of one such village and the reference square in which that village is situated. [2]

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