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ISC Class XII Board Specimen Exam 2021 : English Paper 1 (English Language)

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Dhruv Sinha
Don Bosco School, Park Circus, Kolkata
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ENGLISH PAPER 1 (LANGUAGE) (Maximum Marks: 80) (Time allowed: Three hours) (Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Attempt all four questions. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. (You are advised to spend not more than 45 minutes on Question 1, 55 minutes on Question 2, 30 minutes on Question 3 and 50 minutes on Question 4.) (You should begin each answer on a fresh page.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question 1 Write a composition (in approximately 400 450 words) on any one of the following [20] subjects: (You are reminded that you will be rewarded for orderly and coherent presentation of material, use of appropriate style and general accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar.) (a) You had gone on a trekking expedition with a group of friends. As night closed in, you realised that you were separated from the group. Describe your initial feelings and the place where you got lost. How did you spend the night alone before you were reunited with your group? (b) It is easy to advise others not to worry, but difficult for oneself to follow the same. Narrate an experience which made you realise the truth of this statement. (c) The best things in life come free . Write for or against the statement. (d) Photographs (e) In order to be successful, one should rely on oneself and not expect others to help. Express your views on the given statement. (f) Write an original short story beginning with the following words: She was delighted to find the sealed envelope lying on her table. As she reached for it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 ISC SPECIMEN QUESTION PAPER 2021

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