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Prawal bhartiya hai 
A. Andman &nikobar
B.kachh ki puedo
C.manbar khadi
D. Sundarwan
asked by Raies Khan (raies) 6 years ago
Who is prime minister of australia?
asked by Ravindra Kumar (ravindrakumar74) 7 years ago
who is our finance minister?
asked by Jijo Joseph (jijojoseph) 8 years ago
I found this website helpful, As this is having previous year question papers of upsc.
My question is-

1.From where i can find answers of these questions & have a check on my answers ?

2.I also require the analysis of these previous year papers of upsc, which could tell me- how many questions from which chapter. This list is printed in mcgraw hill education book of upsc preparation. 
- But, I dont think- This is correct. 
Do respaper- Provides.... answer sheets along with question papers & analysis of question papers ?
asked by Saurabh Aggarwal (saurabh7070) 8 years ago
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