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ICSE Class X Notes 2024 : English Paper 2 (English Literature)

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| Act II Scene IX | INSTRUCTOR: SANDHYA THAKKAR | +91 9967030165 | ACT II SCENE IX Extract 1 Portia : To these injunctions everyone doth swear That comes to hazard for my worthless self. 5 6 1 Question 1. What is the meaning of the word injunctions ? Which injunctions are being discussed here? Who else was present at the scene? 0 3 0 Answer : The meaning of the word injunctions is conditions. Here the conditions of the oath are being talked about which all the suitors have to swear before they take the lottery of caskets. Nerissa, the Prince of Arragon and their trains were present at the scene apart from Portia. 7 6 9 9 r a Question 2. State the injunctions in detail. Why did he reject the lead casket? k k a h T Answer : The oath which the Prince of Arragon had undertaken, included the conditions that were common for all the suitors taking up the lottery of caskets. The first condition asked the suitor never to disclose to anyone which casket he had chosen. Apart from that, if he failed to choose the right casket, he should never woo a maid by way of marriage. The last condition was that the suitor who made the wrong choice should leave immediately without a word of dispute or appeal. He called lead a base metal and said that it should have a more attractive appearance for Arragon to choose it. Thus, he rejected lead casket for its pale and dull appearance. a y h d n Sa Question 3. How does Arragon interpret the words many men inscribed on the gold casket? Did he choose the gold casket? Why? Why not? Answer : Arragon interpreted the words many men as the foolish multitudes who make their choice by the outward appearances and cannot see beyond plain eyesight. They do not look into the deeper meaning of things and are influenced by the outward show. He compared them to a house martin that makes its mud nest on the outer walls of a house thus exposing it to extreme weather conditions and other dangers. Similarly, foolish commoners who judge by the outward appearances are prone to commit errors and fall into dangers, No, he did not choose the golden casket because he did not want to jump with the common spirits and rank with the barbarous multitudes. Achievers Academy By Sandhya Thakkar ICSE English | Grade IX & X | Merchant Of Venice

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