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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : Chemistry (Hume McHenry Memorial High School of S. D. A., Pune)

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Saisha Chavan
Hume McHenry Memorial High School of S. D. A., Pune
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Hume McHenry Memorial High School Salisbury Park Pune 411037 Academic Year 2020 2021 Semester Examination Subject Chemistry Date: - 08/10/2020 Class: - X (A D) Marks : 80 SECTION I [40 Marks] [Attempt all questions from this section] Question 1 A] Choose the correct answer from the options given below: [5] 1] Electron affinity is maximum in a] alkali metals b] alkaline earth metals c] halogens d] inert gases 2] The electrode at which anions donate excess electrons and are oxidized to neutral atoms is the a] anode b] cathode c] electrolyte d] solution c] basic d] saline 3] Higher the pH value of a solution, the more a] alkaline b] acidic 4] As we descend the electrochemical series containing cations, the tendency of the cations to get reduced at the cathode a] increases b] decreases c] remains same d] changes c] 4 d] 2 5] The basicity of acetic acid is a] 3 b] 1 B] Write balanced chemical equations for each of the following [5] 1] Action of dilute sulphuric acid on Iron 2] Action of dilute hydrochloric acid on calcium carbonate 3] Reaction between copper oxide and dilute sulphuric acid 4] Reaction between sodium hydroxide and carbon dioxide 5] When sodium hydroxide is warmed with ammonium chloride C] State any one observation for each of the following [5] 1] Aqueous ammonium hydroxide is added to aqueous copper sulphate solution 2] Copper sulphate solution is electrolysed using platinum electrode Page | 1

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