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ICSE Class X Prelims 2024 : History and Civics (Hiranandani Foundation School (HFS), Thane)

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HIRANANDANI FOUNDATION SCH00L, THANE Second Preliminary Assessment, January 2024 SUBJECT: HISTORY & CIVICS STD: X TIME: 2 HOURS MAX. MARKS:80 DATE:12.01.2024 Note: Answers to this paper must be written on the paper provided You will not be allowed to write in the first 15 mimutes, This time is separately. to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head of this paper is the time allowed for writing the answers. The intended marks for questions or paris of questions are given in brackets [. Attempt all questions from Part I (Compulsory). Atotal offive questions are to be attemptedfrom Part IL, two out of three questions fromSection Aand three out of five questions from Section B. Part-1 30 marks] [Attempt all questions] Question l. Choose the correct answers to the questions from the given options: (Do not copy the question. Write the corect answers only.) (1) The interval between the two sessions of the Parliament should not be more than (a) two months (b) three months (c) six months (d) one year (i ))The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected from a. members of the newly elected Rajya Sabha b.Members of the newly elected Lok Sabha c. Members of both the combined houses d. He is nominated by the President. (ii))If the Lok Sabha is dissolved before or after the declaration of National Emergency, the Rajya Sabha becomes the a. de jure Parliament b. Sino sure Parliament c. de facto Parliament d. Both de jure and de facto (iv) When can the Parliament vote on issues in the State List? a. During the proclamation of emergency in a State b. When a state is preparing for elections c. When the state legislature is dissolved d. none of the above (1) The --- is the body of people's representatives who have supreme power of governance in a democratic country. Electoral College Electorate Parliament .Cabinet 1 [16 x 1|

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