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ICSE Class X Prelims 2024 : History and Civics (St. Francis School (SFS), Borivali, Mumbai)

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Al Sub: HISTORY Cla: X POINSUR, BORIVALI(W), MUMBAI Marks: 80 ST. FRANCISSCHOOL, MT. 1" ASSESSMENT 2023-24 Date: 13/09/2023. & CIVICS 10 Time: 02hrs and must be attempted. & Allquestions from Part Iand Part llare compulsory keywords. underline Write answers in point form and manner. Ensure that your content is presented in a neat and legible on a new side. The answer to every main question shouldbegin PART I(30 Marks) Attempt all Questions from this part Questio 1 [16] Choose the correct option: (i)Which of these statements regarding the Speaker is false? (a) Elected for a term of five years. (b)Elected when the newly elected house meets for the first time. (c) Elected from among the members of the Lower House. id) The members of both Houses vote to choose the Speaker. vill be clected (ii) Raman has just become a member of the Upper House of Parliament. He so for a period of (a) Two years (b) Three years (c) Five years (d) Six years Parliament? (iii) Which of these denote the correet composition of the Upper House of (a) 232 clected +2 nominated (b)238 elected + 12 nominated (c) 238 clected + 2 nominated (d)250 elected + 12nominated a subject on (iv) In case of a conflict between the Centre and the State with reference to the Concurrent list: (a)Each follow their own law (b) The President is empowered to decide (c) The Union Law will prevail (d) The State Law will prevail (v) Given below are the details ofa few Indian citizens: W An MP who is also Chairperson ofthe State Film Development Council X ATwenty-five year old law-abiding citizen Y Acitizen qualified for election as a Lower House mnember and has completed thirty-five years of age Z An Entrepreneur reccntly declared as bankrupt Seleet the person who fulfis the eligibility criteria to become the President of lndia: (a) W (b) X (o) Y (d) Z A1 Std 10 History &Civics 2023 -24 Page 1 of 4

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Additional Info : ICSE Class X Mid-term 2024 : History and Civics (St. Francis School (SFS), Borivali, Mumbai)
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