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Reviews: Auxilium Convent School, Bandel, Hooghly

Bandel, Hooghly P.O., Hooghly - 712103, West Bengal, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Auxilium Convent School, Bandel, Hooghly

Shreejata Chakrabarty (sherj) 56 days ago
Rishmita Biswas (rishmitabiswas123) 150 days ago
Rishmita Biswas (rishmitabiswas123) 150 days ago
Oindri Roy (oindriroy2008) 167 days ago
Sanskriti Singh (sanskritisingh) 1 year ago
"ACB bandel is an English medium school established in 1951 and owned by salesian sisters,a body registered under the societies registration act 26 of 1961,having its office in dum dum, Kolkata."
Hyper Gamer (marks_booster100) 1 year ago
"My school is a missionary school , it follows icse board.Strict discipline is followed in our school and the teachers are highly trained ."
Anwessa Aleena (anwessaaleena) 3 years ago
Sumanta Bhattacharya (scientist_lo) 3 years ago
"I love my school each nd every teacher is my favorite"
Rajanya Pramanik (rajanya0457) 3 years ago
Simran Singh (yogitasingh) 5 years ago
Ratna Debnath (ratnadebnath) 5 years ago
Barnali Roy (asmitaroy) 5 years ago
Aitrayee Das (sumita22) 5 years ago
Nirmal Ghosh (praggnyamita_ghosh) 5 years ago
Arpita Koiri (arpitakoiri) 6 years ago
Avijit Roy (roopshali_12) 6 years ago
Shikha Garg (mouli25) 6 years ago
Charlir N (mrinmay) 6 years ago
Ankita Ms1319 (bidu) 6 years ago
Priyanka Chakraborty (pc123) 6 years ago
"Awesome "
Gopal Shrestha (aadrika2005) 7 years ago
RITWIKA DE (ritwikade) 7 years ago
Avipsa Gangopadhyay (astrogangopadhyay) 7 years ago
Shrestha Ghosh (simran_ghosh) 7 years ago
Sushmita Prasad (sushmita_prasad) 8 years ago

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