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Reviews: Billabong High International School (BHIS), Thane

Main Road No. 27, Wagle Industrial Estate, Ashar Estate, Shreenagar, Thane West - 400604, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Billabong High International School (BHIS), Thane

Saurish Kedar Sinari (saurishsinari) 136 days ago
Nidhi Satish (scholarbabe) 1 year ago
Keshika Alegaonkar (keshika101) 1 year ago
"amazing facilities. teachers take great efforts"
Kush Shah (kushshahop) 1 year ago
Kush Shah (kushshahop) 1 year ago
Harita Telang (harita2003) 1 year ago
Sakshi M (srm8) 1 year ago
Claire D'sou (claire) 1 year ago
Anvesha Verma (ni_fe2) 2 years ago
Kritika Patil (kritika38) 2 years ago
"Since 14 years I am studying in the same school.In that school they not only teach us theory but also teach practical knowledge.The staff is wonderful,all staff members stand by our side in a fraction of second.The best school have ever been tooo"
Vedant Shukla (vedant810) 2 years ago
Alifiya Morkas (babyhozefa) 2 years ago
"Ok ok satudies"
GØDicy (ishaan23) 2 years ago
Sanjeet Kumar Jha (twister87) 2 years ago
Moksh Vora (mokshvora) 2 years ago
"it has all facilities like educomp, air conditioner,etc my favroite teacher is neeta mam who teaches me hindi,"
The World Of S.K. (shreyaskumar546) 3 years ago
"very nice teachers and it is a fun place to be "
Swapna Mitra (swapnamitra) 3 years ago
"My school having ICSE and IGCSE curriculum with introducing IB this year. Its actually a single destination to multiple curriculum and can be selected as per the child's ability and prior knowledge and understanding."
BizWay Gaming (shibads) 3 years ago
Aryan Jani (aryan_jani) 3 years ago
Vruddhi Korgaonkar (vkorgaonkarmilu) 3 years ago
Fire Viber (akshith99) 3 years ago
Malhaar Shetty (malhaar2506) 3 years ago
Shanta Telang (shantatelang) 3 years ago
A Bhatt (ablungablun) 3 years ago
Nidhi Sanghai (touchthesky) 3 years ago
Sandeep Patil (arjun7946) 3 years ago
Ashish Ghosh (ashish2373) 4 years ago
Viren Keswani (viren80) 4 years ago
Saee phadnis (saee24) 4 years ago
Sahil Chordia (sahil27) 4 years ago
Aditya Iyer (adityaiyer1107) 4 years ago
Shaurya Saxena (lh44) 4 years ago
Vanshika Dhawan (vanshika_dhawan) 4 years ago
Kevin Peter (nightfuryyt) 5 years ago
Mindless Nigas (mindlessnigas) 5 years ago
Vishal Raina (rainavishal) 5 years ago
Srishti More (sri10) 5 years ago
Ash_ BTS (ashleydesai24) 5 years ago
Kritvi Raja (kritviraja) 5 years ago
Tanishq Sardar (tan2002) 5 years ago
"cool school is to good for education and sports. specially our principal mam. "
Krishnesh Neema (krish60) 5 years ago
Krishnesh Neema (nemoseth123) 5 years ago
Sarthak Srivastava (sarthak2378) 6 years ago
Kevin Peter (nightfury232) 6 years ago
Amogh Kamble (amogh375) 6 years ago
Devanshi Savla (monstermanik) 6 years ago
Srinitya (sri3012) 6 years ago
Jhanvi Kothari (jhanvikothari) 6 years ago
Aaditya Sharma (ascc008) 6 years ago
prezident P (yoloniggalord234) 6 years ago
Pareen Shah (vansh2003) 6 years ago
Karan Walia (karan_walia_007) 6 years ago
Nischal Naidu (nischal25) 6 years ago

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