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Reviews: Lucknow Public College, Lucknow

A Block, Rajajipuram, Lucknow - 226 017, U.P., Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Lucknow Public College, Lucknow

Vibhor Srivastava (vibhor12393) 1 year ago
Harshit Agarwal (infinity79) 1 year ago
Manshi Srivastava Srivastawa (divyanshi71) 1 year ago
Pratibha Jaiswal (angel10) 2 years ago
Mohammad Anas (anas2622) 3 years ago
The Funworld (ayush_8177) 3 years ago
"Quality education is provided here"
Varun Dhawan (ayush_7781) 3 years ago
"Quality education provided over here"
Renu chaudhary (iamashish) 4 years ago
Himansh Anand (himanshanand23) 4 years ago
Utkarsh Sahu (utkarshsahu) 5 years ago
Mayank Mishra (mayank000786) 5 years ago
"The school environment is calm and it helps us to be more focused. The teachers are a helping hand and very supportive. The facilities, on the other hand, are good but not upto the mark..."
Shobhit (8090260139) 5 years ago
"GOOD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!"
Mitali Jaiswal (kush192016gmail) 5 years ago
Lalit Joshi (lalitjoshi) 6 years ago
Mohammed Anas Akhtar (anas78611) 6 years ago

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