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Reviews: Lodha World School (LWS), Thane

Lodha Paradise Compound, Near Majiwade Flyover, Eastern Express Highway, Majiwada, Thane West - 400606, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Lodha World School (LWS), Thane

Swastik Shetty (swastik60) 95 days ago
Sohan Sawant (ss2008) 135 days ago
Reet Pramanick (reet696) 1 year ago
Sia Risbud (srstudy) 2 years ago
Manas Srivastava (manas12357) 3 years ago
Keerthana Nair (bbbbbbbbbbbtttttttts) 3 years ago
"they are helpful"
Anjali Shah (anjalishah) 5 years ago
Rahul Sumani (devil333666) 5 years ago
"Every teacher and student is friendly except few."
Atharva Raibagi (iamatharva62) 6 years ago
Cs:Go Highlights (pradhyumn_rathod) 6 years ago
Canyon Rockin guy (smartniks446) 6 years ago
Labdhi Savla (labdhu) 6 years ago
Labdhi Savla (labdhisavla) 6 years ago
Nuclear Gunner (atharva_ng) 7 years ago
Apurva Rathod (apurva900) 7 years ago
Priyanka Makhija (psb4969m) 7 years ago
Aditya Nair (aparna208) 7 years ago
Saumil Karkhanis (sau2000) 7 years ago
Samarth Tated (s_eminem) 8 years ago
"its a bakwas thirdclass school"
Raj Kantale (rajkumar2000) 8 years ago

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