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Q & A − Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai

Veer Savarkar Marg, Mahim, Mumbai - 400016, Maharashtra, INDIA
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A wholesaler in Kanpur marks an air conditioner for 50,000. He sells it to a shopkeeper in Banaras at a discount of 10%. The shopkeeper sells it to a customer in Banaras at market price. If the rate of GST is 18%, calculate the shares of GST for both the state and Central government paid by the shopkeeper.
asked by Abcde85 (abcde85) 4 years ago
Someone please upload papers from this school.
asked by Rg (rikhil32) 5 years ago
Can someone upload Prelim Papers of Bombay Scottish School for the year 2018 ? Please , it will be a great help.
asked by Sejal Karanpuria (sejal410) 6 years ago
Someone please upload Bombay Scottish prelium papers for 2018 of all papers please
asked by Namita Lal (shubham9898) 6 years ago
when can president's rule be imposed on a state/
asked by Dipesh Chatrola (dipesh95) 7 years ago
He reconciled himself______his lot in life.
asked by Niki (niki_gabi) 8 years ago
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