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Reviews: Universal High School, Thane

Brahmand, Phase VI, Azadnagar, Off. Ghodbunder (GB) Road, Thane – 400 607, Maharashtra, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Universal High School, Thane

Renu Rane (renurane) 148 days ago
"Best school "
Siddhika Bagaria (sb27) 157 days ago
Atharva Modani (atharva_12370) 157 days ago
Ansh Manjul (ayem) 1 year ago
Jai Bhatt (jbab007) 1 year ago
Good Boy (good_boy) 1 year ago
Shreya Saha (shreyasaha) 3 years ago
Aaradhya Tambe (hello1234512) 4 years ago
Pooja Ghade (poojaghade) 4 years ago
Pranjal sharma (pranjalxoxo) 4 years ago
Disco_Lizard (disco_lizard) 4 years ago
Manas Mishra (bhaveshtaklahai) 4 years ago
"Some teachers don't know how to cooperate with the students.The head of the school has a really bad ego and thinks this is the only school where only pupils from good family come. Never ever take admission in this school.It was a mistake for me. "
Dipammita Ghosh (prakritish_ghosh) 5 years ago
"Worst school ever.."
Seema Pagariya (shreyansh_pagariya1234) 5 years ago
Shaurya kumar (shaurya1212) 5 years ago
Hardik Shah (hardikts) 5 years ago
Ajit Kumar (nipunkumar) 5 years ago
Trisha Shetty (trisha1113) 5 years ago
Subhra Saha (shreyares) 5 years ago
Akshay S.Kumar (akshay2011) 5 years ago
akanksha Surendran (akankshas) 5 years ago
Amogh Patwardhan (cse2020) 6 years ago
Pratyush Mishra (ptmwho) 6 years ago
Smita Mishra (smitamishra1122) 6 years ago
Ninad Hanumante (ninad_0910) 6 years ago
Sarvesh Patil (sarveshp) 6 years ago
Vidya Deshpande (akshay2054) 6 years ago
Taradevi Dhandharia (taradevimerimaa) 6 years ago
Shivani Dhingra (shivvvvaani) 6 years ago
Pseudo Hawk1 (crack7) 6 years ago
Aman Venkat Vines (amanbhai98) 6 years ago
Rishi Mishra (rishi1468) 6 years ago
Felix Smarty (manamajeff) 6 years ago
Priya Jawale (karanjawale) 7 years ago
Vedant Limaye (hello24) 7 years ago
Prashant Agarwal (pab2806) 7 years ago
"its a gud school with gud infrastructure and havng gud qualified teacher "
Sada Shankar Gautam (sadaiitb) 7 years ago
Piyush Gupta (1920roxxx) 8 years ago
Lamb Able (rockingstar) 8 years ago
Akshit Tayade (akshit28) 8 years ago

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