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Reviews: St. Stephen's School, Chandigarh

St Stephens School, Sector 45 - B, Chandigarh - 160047, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed St. Stephen's School, Chandigarh

Suhani Garg (suhani53) 1 year ago
Sanskari Mega (sanskari_mega) 1 year ago
Origami Treasure (hiten15) 2 years ago
"My school is the best school in the world, and Sangeeta Ma'am is my favourite Teacher, She has a really nice teaching style that makes History an interesting subject. And our Principal Mr. Lopez is the best Principal and inspiration a student needs.:)"
Arnav Trehan (arnavtrehan3370) 2 years ago
Genus Uppal (genusuppal) 2 years ago
Uday Jain (udayjain_xx) 3 years ago
Tkg Work (tkg10867) 4 years ago
"Its a very good icse school.Most tricity toppers are from this school."
Aman Rauth (amanrauth) 4 years ago
Adhiraj Sood (bleh_blah) 4 years ago
Uma Bhattacharya (umabhatt113) 4 years ago
Keshav Goyal (keshav76) 5 years ago
Abhinav Sharma (abhinav132) 5 years ago
"Wonderful school"
Anita Trehan (priyanshi123) 5 years ago
Aryan Sawhney (aryan92) 5 years ago
Tashwita Gupta (tashwita) 5 years ago
Divyam 7 (divyams) 6 years ago
Cynthia Minhas (cynthiaminhas2) 6 years ago
Vinita Bansal (childrenatmyhome) 6 years ago
"An excellent school with dedicated teachers "
Uday Veer (uday47) 6 years ago

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