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Reviews: St. Teresa's School, Bolpur

Bolpur, Makrampur, Paruldanga P.O., Dt. Birbhum - 731235, West Bengal, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed St. Teresa's School, Bolpur

Archisman Sarkar (neel80) 48 days ago
Arpan Mukherjee (arpan_isc) 291 days ago
Archisman Sarkar (archisman7) 1 year ago
Emotional Proposal (narensquestions) 2 years ago
"It is a coeducational school ...talents are executed here in the campus...disciplined scchool ..."
Swapnil Nayek (swapnilnayek123) 3 years ago
"The best school in the entire district "
Ishita Choudhury (ishita_09) 3 years ago
Titirshu Roy (titirshu_roy) 3 years ago
Ayandip Garai (roadstreet) 3 years ago
Nabyendu Pradhan (agnibha_pradhan) 4 years ago
স্বরূপ কুমার ঘোষ (sumantra72) 4 years ago
"Cordial teachers & excellent infrastructure"
Ishita Choudhury (ishita_09) 4 years ago
Suparna Nag Sikdar (sohini_sikdar) 4 years ago
Apurba Mondol (apurba003) 5 years ago
"It's a very nice school."
Kakon GMoulick (kakon) 5 years ago
Kakon Ghosh Moulick (sgmoulick) 6 years ago
"very nice school . With 2+ (12 th standard).nice teachers with m.a and b.ed.also with p.hd......physics chemistry and biology lab also present where students are taken frequently.library is also present.very big playground.hostel facilities present with 20% reservation for backward classes.................."
Subhadeep Mondal (subhadeep1234) 6 years ago
Jit Roy (jitroy753951) 6 years ago
"SCience practicals are not done just lectures are there"

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