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Reviews: Carmel School, Dhanbad

P.O. Box No. 23, Opp. Circuit House, Dhanbad - 828001, Jharkhand, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed Carmel School, Dhanbad

Shirin Banerjee (shirinbanerjee) 1 year ago
Deepa Shaw (archieshaw) 1 year ago
"Favourite teacher Miss superna and miss neilprabha"
Manju Gupta (anushkagupta7) 2 years ago
Sristi poddar (sristi_poddar_23) 2 years ago
"In my school many good facilities are there. My favourite teacher is miss priyanka. best computer teacher."
Khushi Pandey (kp7755) 3 years ago
Preeti Swaraj (preeti44) 4 years ago
Anku Kumari (ankukumari) 6 years ago
"Getting admission in Carmel School Dhanbad was a blessing for me.This school has a very good reputation all over India and the students of this school has been remained toppers of the state,This school provides best facilities for education as well as for other activities like sports etc.and the best thing about the school is that teachers are very friendly and they help us in every possible way to do our best in every field. A carmelite not only excel in studies but they are also well mannered and responsible towards their duties......I am thankful to all my carmel friends and teachers who have guided me in every step of my life."

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