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Reviews: The Hyderabad Public School (HPS), Begumpet, Hyderabad

1-11-87 & 88, SP Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500016, Telangana, INDIA
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Following students have rated and reviewed The Hyderabad Public School (HPS), Begumpet, Hyderabad

Karthik Pranav (gojo) 118 days ago
Kaarthikeya Lakshman Ganji (kaarthikeya) 229 days ago
"Best "
Sahaj Shah (eternityseeker) 1 year ago
BN Vijayalakshmi (bnvl) 1 year ago
Vruddhi Mayur (vruddhi12) 1 year ago
Zoom Classes (classeszoom259) 1 year ago
Vijaya Vani (bandarirohan) 1 year ago
Jugal Kishore Reddy (jugalreddy) 1 year ago
Aryan Venkatesh Sinha (aryanvenkatesh) 2 years ago
Prabhas Dama (sniperyt) 2 years ago
Tanish Kolli (tanishramkolli) 2 years ago
"One of the best school in India and number one in Telangana"
Venkatesan Rangasamy (chezhian) 2 years ago
Homanshika Reddy (hreddy65) 2 years ago
"The school is beautiful with amazing and friendly teachers. Along with encouragement in fields of co curricular activities and sports and the extraordinary teaching, I would say The Hyderabad Public School is one of the best schools in the world."
Neelothpal Nakka (neelothpal) 2 years ago
Harshil Sai (harshil1402) 2 years ago
akanksha Parkala (akanksha_18) 2 years ago
Jah Ips (atchuips123) 2 years ago
"My school doesn't need reasons for being great."
Hemanthi kancharla (hemnthi) 2 years ago
Arindam Ganguly (arinjay2408) 2 years ago
"Great school"
Lazim Afraz (afraz123) 2 years ago
Aryan Vishwanath (aryanpallerla) 2 years ago
Yaswanth Reddy (yawanthk) 2 years ago
Rishit Allam (rishit213) 2 years ago
VSAChamp - MC (sravin) 2 years ago
Lakshmi Shreya Kandur (klshreya2003) 3 years ago
Chetna Jhawar (chetbajhawar) 3 years ago
Yash Joshi (yashjoshi) 3 years ago
"Awesome School with an optimal blend of academic rigour, excellence in Sports, extra curricular activities and well rounded development"
Sai Rithvik n (sairithvikrespaper) 3 years ago
Ravi K (pallavi123448) 3 years ago
"one of the best school in telangana"
SV Vlogs (rockykgf) 3 years ago
Gurpreet Ranjit (gurpreet108_gag) 3 years ago
Pradyumna Seethamraju (luffynatsu2003) 4 years ago
Sonu Beati (kshmr0055) 4 years ago
"It is one of the most oldest schools in India started as the Jagirdar's College in 1923.It has a huge campus ,around 12-20 acres of land."
Shashank Balakrishnan (shashankbk_hps) 4 years ago
Machiraju Ramchandra (bharadwaj02) 4 years ago
Shreyas JV (jv_shreyas) 4 years ago
Gopikonda Leela Rani (srimanrockz) 4 years ago
"our english teacher mrs.amritha chandra mam is one of the best teachers whoom no one can find on the arth. her explanation is mindblowing and makes us to read in a joyous way.even our physics mam mrs.lata shri mam is a great techer who makes physics very interesting compared to any other teacher i have met.our bio teacher mrs.Nita Bhist mam is the mam who explains us in such a way that the topic she explains never leaves our minds."
Yashovardhan Shetty (shettyboiii) 4 years ago
Elite Racer (rageghost7715) 4 years ago
Machiraju Ramchandra (bharadwaj02) 4 years ago
Surampudi Siddhartha (sisshartha) 4 years ago
Akhil B (akhil30) 4 years ago
Diamond Dabs (diamond_dabs_yt_subscribe) 4 years ago
Suraj Goud (surajgoud36) 4 years ago
Aneesha Meda (aneeshameda) 4 years ago
Mudassir Rox (mudassirstudenthpsb) 5 years ago
Harsha Barala (harshabarala) 5 years ago
Varshini Suresh (varshinisuresh) 5 years ago
Sreelatha Reddy (jayanthreddy) 5 years ago
Dakshita Narayanam (dakshita_06) 5 years ago
Pruthvi Vallabh Reddy (pruthvi44) 5 years ago
Omer Mir (omermir) 5 years ago
Srujana Sarella (srujanasarella) 5 years ago
"totally perfect school"
Kushmitha Kushi (kushmitha) 5 years ago
Rajkumar Arkatala (rajkumar2323) 5 years ago
Rajeev Maroju (rajeev3012) 5 years ago
Pranav Jain (pranavjain) 5 years ago
"it is among the top 10 best schools in india"
Louis rowena vuppula (v_louis) 5 years ago
Pranav Varma (pranav27) 5 years ago
"All the teachers are very helpful good and hygienic toilets and food.Amazing results"
Maanav Thota (maanavthota) 5 years ago
Mahivar Kakkera (mahivar) 5 years ago
Arzoo Arzue (arzoo0202) 5 years ago
"A sprawling campus OF 160 acres with great facilities.Excellent faculty and teaching methodology.All round development of the students with holistic education."
Rahul Jain (rahulhpsbegumpet) 5 years ago
Shikhar Sahay (gokusahay) 5 years ago
Sudha Jain (rahuljain3116) 5 years ago
Pranav Chaparala (pranavchaparala) 5 years ago
Sai Vsr (sai_vsr) 5 years ago
Venkatadri Arava (nightwolf2471) 5 years ago
Sanjana Vadavalli (sanjana_vadavalli) 5 years ago
Suleiman Syed (syedsuleiman0102) 5 years ago
Makineni Vanshita (vanshita17) 5 years ago
Marsha Stark (dirtyotaku) 5 years ago
Raks (topper25) 5 years ago
"Best school in hyderabad Teachers are very friendly My favourite teachers krishna chaitanya and rajyalakshmi teacher"
Devarapalli Ajay Chetan (respept10) 6 years ago
Sunny Kumar (kandulasunnykumar) 6 years ago
Avinash Naik (avinashnaik) 6 years ago
"awesome "
Harshil Kant (harshil2000) 6 years ago
Praneeth Koyyala (praneeth_koyyala) 6 years ago

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