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Write a set of logical predicates that will perform simple automobile diagnostics (e.g., if
the engine won’t turn over and the lights won’t come on, then the battery is bad). Don’t try
to be too elaborate, but cover the cases of bad battery, out of gas, bad spark plugs, and bad
starter motor.
asked by Moshitsi Trevor (rovert) 6 years ago
Q.1 Define artificial intelligence and justify with suitable example how does conventional computing differs from the intelligent computing.
asked by Rachana Nayak (rachananayak) 7 years ago
J=any value between 1to n
Print success else print fails
Is the non deterministic justify ans
asked by Manjusha Pandit (manjusha123) 8 years ago
Give me ans of que no. 3 b)  of paper october 2010 BE- MECHANICAL (2003) pattern
asked by Deepak Dholi (deepak01) 8 years ago
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