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ISC Class XII Board Specimen 2022 : Mass Media and Communication [Semester 2]

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ISC 12th
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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ISC SEMESTER 2 EXAMINATION SPECIMEN QUESTION PAPER MASS MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maximum Marks: 35 Time allowed: One and a half hour Candidates are allowed an additional 10 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer all questions in Section A, Section B and Section C. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets. [ ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION A 7 MARKS Question 1 (i) The ______________ brothers were the creators of the Cinematographe. [1] (ii) Which of the following is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas and information with the help of virtual networks and communities? [1] (iii) (iv) (a) Social Media (b) World Wide Web (c) Browser (d) Internet The focus of _____________ genre in cinema is to make people laugh. (a) action (b) science fiction (c) drama (d) comedy State whether the statement given below is True or False. Offline fraud is an example of Cyber Crime. 1 [1] [1]

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