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ISC Class XII Prelims 2019 : Mathematics

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MATHEMATICS (Maximum Marks: 100) (Time allowed: Three hours) (Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Question Paper consists of three sections A, B and C. Candidates are required to attempt all questions from Section A and all questions EITHER from Section B OR Section C Section A: Internal choice has been provided in three questions of four marks each and two questions of six marks each. Section B: Internal choice has been provided in two questions of four marks each. Section C: Internal choice has been provided in two questions of four marks each. All working, including rough work, should be done on the same sheet as, and adjacent to the rest of the answer. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. Mathematical tables and graph papers are provided. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION A (80 Marks) Question 1 [10 2] (i) A binary operation * defined on Q-{1} is given by a * b = a+b ab. Find the identity element. (ii) Without expanding at any stage, find the value of the determinant: | | (iii) Solve: sin-1 cos (sin-1x) = (iv) Find the value of k if (v) Evaluate: , if 2 0 3 and . 3 sin 2 x 3 2 3 2 dx sin x cos x (vi) Find . (vii) Find the differential equation of the family of curves A and B are arbitrary constants. , where -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 ISC SPECIMEN QUESTION PAPER 2018

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