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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : English Paper 2 (English Literature) (Smt. Lilavatibai Podar High School (LPHS), Mumbai)

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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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LILAVATIBAI PODAR HIGH SCH0OL, ISC PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION 2022-23 SUBJECT: LITERATURE IN ENGLISH TIME:2 HRS Instructions GRADE:X MARKS: 80 Answers to this paper must be written on the paper provided You will not be allowed to write the first 15 minutes. during This time is to be spent in reading the separately. question paper. The time given at the head of this paper is the time allowed for writing the answer The paper has four sections. Section A is compulsory- All questions in Section A must be answered. ou must attempt one question from each of the sections B, Cand Dand one other question from any Section of your choice. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets. SECTION A (Attempt all questions from this Section) Question 1 Read the following questions and choose the most appropriate response from the choices given below (Please do not copy the question- simply write out in correct serial order the appropriate word or phrase.) [16] What did the Little Match Girl see when she struck the first match? () (a) Her grandmother who was looking kind and gentle. (b) A table covered with beautiful China. () A great iron stove with brass knobs. (i) (d) Many candles on the Christmas tree. Why does the free bird dip his wings in the orange sun rays in Maya Angelou's poem? (a) The orange colour gives the bird the courage to face the world. (b) The orange colour depicts the lively atmosphere the bird lives in. (c) The orange colour can be seen on the distant hill. (d) The orange colour depicts the ambition of the white race. In the story 'AII Summer in a Day, what was Margot's age when she moved to planet (ii) Venus from Ohio? (a) Five years old (b) Nine years old (c) One year old (iv) (d) Four years old Which of the following statements is NOT true of the Gujar women? (a) (b) (c) (d) (v They fetched water from the river in big brass gurrahs. They wore trousers, wrinkled at the ankles. They wore large silver rings made out of melted rupees. They wore necklaces made out of lal-lal beeges. Which of the following lines from the poem, 'Nine Gold Medals' tells us that the narrator is a spectator? (a) The athletes had come from so many countries. b) All round the field spectators were gathered. (c) And the banner above said 'Special Olympics. (d) But as sure as I'm standing here telling the story. This paper consists of five printed sides.

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