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how i can get solution of gate question
asked by Sandip Mhaske (alliswell3012) 6 years ago
In bod test using 5% dilution of the sample (15ml of sample and 285 ml of dilution water)do values for the sample and dilution water blank bottles after 5days incubation at 20degree celcius were 3.80 and 8.80mg/l respectively. Do originally present in the undiluted sample was  0.8mg/l .the 5day 20degree celcious bod of sample is -
(Slu plsss)
asked by sowndharya Balu (sowndharya81) 6 years ago
A housing finance institution in the private sector is
asked by Sugan Inthi (suganthiveeraiya) 7 years ago
For gate 2017 and Environmental Evolution subject Which books are available
asked by Abdus Salam Dafedar (gate102) 7 years ago
what was the syllabus weightage for all subjects in eee??
asked by Prashanth Aluri (prashanth79) 7 years ago

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Where is the aptitude key for all papers
asked by Ramesh Addanki (tiger77299) 7 years ago
Do anyone have the answer keys of gate mechanical question papers of 2007,2008,2009,2010 &2011?
If have please upload it.
asked by Pppppp Rrrrrrrrrrr (priyeshprevankar) 7 years ago
hey...I'm in b.e. civil final year..m'I eligible for GG gate 2017???
asked by Rahul Katre (r0a7h1u9l) 7 years ago
hy. every one A H MALIK here.......
please send me the answer key of the gate gg 2008
asked by Ah Malik (ahmalik) 7 years ago
plzz send me links for different gate books pdf of electronics and communication on my email-id:
asked by Ramesh Patil (rameshgate88) 7 years ago

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