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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : English Paper 1 (English Language) (St. Stephens School, Dum Dum, Kolkata (Calcutta))

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St. Stephen's School, Dum Dum, Kolkata (Calcutta)
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Class X ENGLISH 1 :LANGUAGE PRE BOARD FULL MARKS :80 TIME 15 MINUTES READING 2 HRS WRITING 30 MINS SCANNING AND MAKING PDF ATTEMPT ALL 5 QUESTIONS QUESTION 1. Write a composition (300-350 words) on any one of the following [20] a)It is said that childhood is the best period of one s life.Narrate an incident from your childhood days to justify this statement. b)Express your views either for or against the statement , Government should give unemployment allowance to the unemployed people till they get a job. c)Describe an incident when you were caught in a traffic jam for hours.What difficulties did you face?What were the consequences? d)India has always believed in the value of the family.Discuss the changes ,both good and bad,that have resulted from the breakup of the traditional joint family. e)Write a short story in which an old lady ,a map,a ring and a teenage boy play an important role. QUESTION 2 Select one of the following [10] a)Your friend is the captain of the chess team of your school.He miserably lost the first match in an inter-school competition.Write a letter to him encouraging him not to lose heart and to try again with renewed vigour. b)Write a letter to the commissioner of Police complaining about the increase in the crime rate in the city and asking him to take steps to solve the problem. QUESTION 3 a)Your school is organising an inter house poetry recitation competition.write a notice to be put in your school informing the students and inviting them to participate. [5] b)write an email to the Principal of a neighbouring school requesting him/her to send a team of three teachers to judge the event. [5] Protect by PDF Anti-Copy for Android (Update to Pro to remove watermark)

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