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ICSE Class 8 Mid-term 2021 : English Paper 2 (English Literature) : Assessment 4 ( 40 Marks )

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Avrojit Dutta
R. B. K. School (RBK), Mira Road
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ASSESSMENT 4 2020 21 Std: VIII Date: 5/11/2020 Marks: 40 Subject: English Literature Dur. : 1 Hour _________________________________________________________________________ Attempt all six questions Section A- Drama Read the extract and answer the questions that follow: I) Sebastian: Sir, you may thank yourself for this loss, That would not bless our Europe with your daughter, But rather lose her to an African; Where she, at least, is banish d from your eye, Who hath cause to wet the grief on t. 1. Who is referred to as Sir ? What loss is Sebastian referring to? How is Sebastian related to Sir ? [3] 2. Who is the daughter referred to here? Where is she now? Which other queen has she been compared to and why? [3] 3. Where is the scene taking place? Who are present at the scene? Under what circumstance did they reach this place? [3] II) Antonio: Then let us both be sudden. Gonzalo : (Waking) Now, good angels Preserve the king! Why, how now? Ho! Awake! Why are you drawn? Wherefore this ghastly looking? 1. What does Antonio mean by Then let us both be sudden ? Who is us referred to? What did they conspire to do? [3] 2. Which sound wakes up Gonzalo suddenly? What was the role of Ariel in this scene? Why does Gonzalo ask Why are you drawn? What did the king suggest they do at the end of the scene? [4] 1

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