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ICSE Prelims 2017 : I Believe Notes!!

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Sai S Kalyan
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Chennai
B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering
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I Believe I Believe is a poem by Garo poet Brucellish K Sangma from the state of Meghalaya Theme: The poem deals with the innumerable inner capabilities and also desires of a human being. Humans can conquer all three realms of the world-lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. The poem carries the message that if humans aim high, aspire big, have faith in themselves and work diligently for their goals, they can make the earth a heaven. Summary: The poet believes that if she throws a pebble up into the sky, it can drill a hole in heaven (pierce the heavens) and she can see the angels at play there. Though drilling a hole in heaven with a pebble is an impossible task, the poet believes that she could perform the same. Here, throwing up the pebble symbolizes effort and piercing the heavens symbolizes its result. The poet believes that she can soar to great heights and touch the silky clouds and feel the stars. Heights symbolize the achievements and the poet s desire to be one among the achievers or super stars. Touching the silky clouds refers to the peace, pleasure and serenity experienced by one who is among the list of great achievers. The poet believes that she could dive into the depths of the ocean and swim with the sharks. The depths refer to the fathomless, mysterious, unexplored depths of the ocean. Swimming with the sharks would be like inviting danger. But it would also remove all sorts of fears and cowardice. It also expresses the poet s desire to swim in the ocean of life, face all difficulties and reach the shore or goal. The poet believes that she can claw into earth s belly, and adorn herself with priceless gems. It hints at use of human labour to obtain the treasures of the Earth, such as gems, minerals, metals etc. The underground fires could be deadly and can frighten any human being. The poet s desire shows that when we put in effort paying no heed to the obstacles, the results would also be like the precious stones. The poet believes that she could do several things-even the impossible and inconceivableamong the fellow humans and use the treasures that exist on earth to the fullest. The poem explores what the poet is capable of performing. But it finally ends with the conclusion that one has to do the role assigned to him on the earth, where he dreams and breathes, before venturing into other activities. It shows that we should work for happiness for all than mere personal happiness.

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