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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Chemistry Predictive Paper!

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Sai S Kalyan
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Chennai
B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering
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Section A Attempt all questions (40 marks) Question 1 A. Name the following [5] 1. A solvent for wax 2. An orange compound which leaves a green residue and evolves a neutral gas on heating 3. The negative logarithm of H+ ion concentration expressed in moles/litre 4. The product formed at anode during electrolysis of conc. sodium chloride 5. The reagent that decolorizes on addition of ethene B. State what do you observe [5] 1. Aluminium nitrate crystals are heated in a hard glass test tube 2. Potassium iodide is heated with lead nitrate solution and then allowed to cool 3. Hydrogen sulphide gas is passed through acidified K 2Cr2O7 solution 4. Hot conc. nitric acid is added to sawdust 5. Ferrous sulphite solution is added to barium chloride solution followed by addition of dil. HCl C. Distinguish between the following [5] 1. Ethanol and ethanoic acid 2. Solid lead (II) carbonate and solid copper (II) carbonate 3. Zinc nitrate solution and lead nitrate solution 4. Ammonia gas and hydrogen chloride gas 5. Sodium sulphite solution and sodium sulphate solution D. Give balanced equations [5] 1. Conc. sulphuric acid is added to oxalic acid 2. Warm water added to the product formed on heating aluminium in nitrogen 3. Ammonia is catalytically oxidized 4. Conc. nitric acid is added to copper chips in a test tube 5. Aluminium is warmed with ferric oxide E. Choose the odd one and explain your choice. Valency is not a criterion. [3] 1. S, C, I, P 2. CO, SO3, N2O, NO 3. C2H2, C6H10, C4H8, C3H4 F. Give scientific reasons [5] 1. Copper is a good conductor of electricity but a non-electrolyte 2. Conc. sulphuric acid is both a drying agent as well as a dehydrating agent 3. Quartz is packed in layers in the absorption tower of Ostwald s process 4. Propane undergoes substitution reactions while propyne undergoes addition reactions 5. Alumina cannot be reduced to aluminium using coke while zincite can be reduced to zinc by coke G. Draw the electron dot diagram for the formation of the following: [2] 1. Ammonium ion 2. Carbon tetrachloride

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