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Niraj Public School (NPS), Hyderabad
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Question .1. (i) Define the term catenation . (ii) Which one of the elements Li, Be, B, C, O, F, Ne shows the property of catenation. Question .2. (i) State the term for:- Compounds having the same general formula and similar chemical properties. (ii) Name (a) The compound with OH and with COOH as the part of its structure. (b) Homologue of homologus series with general formula CnH2n from the compounds given: Ethane, Ethene, Ethanoic acid, Ethyne, Ethanol. Question .3. (i) State the structural formula of ethane. (ii) Draw the structural formula of the two isomers of Butane. Give the correct IUPAC name of each. (iii) From the following list, write down the appropriate words to fill in the blanks (a) to (e) below: Addition, carbohydrates, CnH2n-2, CnH2n, CnH2n+2, electrochemical, homologus, hydrocarbons, saturated, substitution, unsaturated. The alkane from an (a) ________ series with the general formula (b) __________. The alkanes are (c) __________ (d) __________ which generally undergo (e) ___________ reaction. Question .4. (i) For each of the compounds (a) Ethane, (b) Vinegar [acetic acid] and (iii) Marsh gas [methane], draw the relevant structural formula. What word is used to describe the above three compounds taken together? (ii) Draw the structural formula of ethane. What is the feature of the ethane structure which allows ethane to react with chlorine in the way it does. (iii) Give the correct IUPAC name and the functional group for each of the compounds whose structural formulae are given below: (a) (b) Question .5. (i) What is the special feature of the structure of : (a) C2H4 (b) C2H2. (ii) What type of reaction is common to both these compounds? (iii) Give the name and structural formula of (a) a saturated hydrocarbon, (b) an unsaturated hydrocarbon with a double bond. (iv) Copy and complete the following sentence: A saturated hydrocarbon will undergo _________ reactions whereas the typical reaction of an unsaturated hydrocarbon is _________. (v) State the term defined by the following :- Compounds containing carbon and hydrogen only. (vi) State the general formula for a saturated hydrocarbon and give one example and structural formula of the same. (vii) Draw the structural formula of ethyne. How does the structure of alkynes differ from that of alkenes. (viii) Fill in the blanks with the correct words : Alkanes are the (a) _______ [analogous / homologous] series of (b) _______ [saturated / unsaturated] hydrocarbons. They differ from alkanes due to the presence of (c) _________ [double / single] bonds. Alkenes mainly undergo (d) ________ [addition / substiution] reactions.

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