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PERL Interview Questions

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PERL (Practical Extraction & Report Language) Interview Questions What arguments do you frequently use for the Perl interpreter and what do they mean? What does the command use strict do and why should you use it? What do the symbols $ @ and % mean when prefixing a variable? What elements of the Perl language could you use to structure your code to allow for maximum re-use and maximum readability? What are the characteristics of a project that is well suited to Perl? Why do you program in Perl? Explain the difference between my and local. What is difference between "Use" and "Require". In which case should "Use" be used and not "Require"? What s your favorite module and why? What is a hash? Write a simple (common) regular expression to match an IP address, e-mail address, city-state-zipcode combination. What purpose does each of the following serve: -w, strict, -T ? What is the difference between for & foreach, exec & system? Where do you go for Perl help? Name an instance where you used a CPAN module. How do you open a file for writing? How would you replace a char in string and how do you store the number of replacements? When would you not use Perl for a project? What is a subroutine? Perl uses single or double quotes to surround a zero or more characters. Are the single(' ') or double quotes (" ") identical?

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