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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Chemistry

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Surya Kumar
Baldwin Boys' High School (BBHS), Bangalore
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Formatting page ... Guess paper SUBJECT CHEMISTRY CLASS X Time-2 hours MM-80 SECTION I (40 MARKS) (ATTEMPT ALL QUESTIONS) Q.1(a). The following questions are related to the properties and uses of the gases. Name the gas that i. is basic in nature ii. is having burning sulphur smell iii. is having rotten egg smell iv. gives white precipitate with silver nitrate solution v. turns Nessler s reagent brown vi. Relights the glowing splinter vii. turns freshly prepared ferrous sulphate solution brown black viii. is used as a refrigerant ix. is a greenish yellow coloured gas x. is used for manufacture of urea (b) The following questions are related with the properties of metals and non metals: Name: i. non metal, good conductor of electricity ii. liquid non - metal iii. metal used for galvanization. iv. a yellow non-metal v. atomicity of metal vi. bonding present in metallic chlorides. vii. bonding present in non-metallic chlorides. viii. during electrolysis, on which electrode, metals are obtained? ix. during electrolysis, on which electrode, non-metals are liberated? x. property by which metals can be beaten to sheets. (c) Name the organic compounds which can fit into description given below: i. A carboxylic acid containing two carbon atoms ii. Hydrocarbon containing only carbon-carbon single bond. iii. Hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon double bond. iv. Hydrocarbon containing at least one carbon-carbon triple bond. v. Hydrocarbon which contributes towards greenhouse effect. Other Educational Portals | | | | | RAHUL CHEMISTRY CLASSES,TURNER ROAD,DEHRADUN Page 1 5 5 5

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