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ISC Class XII Prelims 2019 : Physics (Alexandra School, Amritsar)

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Sulabh Mehta
Alexandra School, Amritsar
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"APl~R - , -.,._ ,)klr.~z,:- (Tl-1 EORY) . (Maximum Marks : 70) (__ ; '' V~ (Time allowed : Three llours) J -\ ~ (Candidates ore allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the popcr The)1must NOT start writing during this time .) SECTION-A Question l . (A) Choose the correct alte rnative (,,), (b), (c) or (d) for each of the questions g iven be low . (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) ~rus : A soap bubble is given a nega tive c harge . Then its (a) decreases (b) (c) r<"rnains un ch ,,nged (d) none of the abov t: increases The capacitance of a capacitor does not depend upon : (a) size of the plates (b) shape of the plates (c) separation between the plates (df charge on the plates lf a diamagnetic so lution is p o ured into a U- tube and one a rm of this U-tube is placed between the poles of a s trong magne t w ith the 11"teniscu s in a line wi th the field 1 then the level of the solution w ill : (a) n sc (c) remain same } b1't1II (d) oscillate slowly It is possible to observe total internal reflec tion w hen light travels from.. : (a) g lass to water (b) air to glass (c) air to watt' r (d) water to glass The s tt1 i lity of a nucleus is decided by its : (a) number of proton s (b) number of nucleons (c) b indin g energy per nucleon (d) binding energy (B) Answe r the following questions briefly and to the point : (i) H ow does the magnetic permeability differ for dia-, para- and ferronla gnetic ma te rials? (ii) Find magnetic flu x density t1t a point on the axis of a long solenoid hav in~ w h en it is carrying a current of 2 A. ml.s/rn -- , .__ -!?:, (iii) Wha t is m eanloy 111ne-c~ns tant of an L-R circuit ? (iv) Write two applications of internet.. (v) Two lenses of fo cal le ng ths 5 cm and 50 cm a re to b e used for m aking a telescope. Which lens will you use for the objective ? (vi) What is Brewster angle for w a te r ? The re fr ac tive index of water with res pect to a ir is NJ 1.33. (vii) A s;herica l' mirror is he ld under wa te r. Will its foca l len g th change ? SECTION-B Question 2. An electric dipole con sistin g of cha rges 2 ~tC each separated by 0.01 rn ,12.irt is ~..,laced in a uniform e lectric fie ld of in ten s ity 3 x HJ-1 NC- 1 Calculate th~ to119ul' ,1et 111 3 uplln il w hen it is inclined to th e lin es of force at an ang le of 45 . '-, :-.:ct " - - - - t"(:--- . . I '

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