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ICSE Class X Prelims 2016 : History and Civics (Orchid International School (OIS), Nashik)

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Suhas Mandlik
Ashoka Universal School (AUS), Chandsi, Nashik
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Orchid International SchoolTM,NASHIK Mock Test-3 (2015-16) Grade: X Subject: HCG Paper 1 Max Marks: 80 Max Time: 2hrs Part I (30marks) (Answer all questions) Question 1 a) Explain the term Quorum. (1) b) State two differences between Court of District Judge and the Sessions Court. (1) c) What is the term of office of Chief Justice of India? (1) d) Mention the maximum period for which the following may be delayed by the RajyaSabha. a) Ordinary Bills b) Money Bills (1) e) What is RevisoryJurisdiction of High Court? (1) f) Mention any two financial powers of the President of India. (1) g) Who is responsible for the transfer a Judge from one High Court to another? (1) h) Who can be elected as Vice President of India? (1) i) Name the three kinds of courts in a District. (1) j) What is meant by Single Integrated Judicial System as provided in the Indian Constitution. (1) Question 2 a) Name the signatory countries of the Triple Entente. b) Explain the policy of Doctrine of Lapse. c) State two similarities between Nazism and Fascism. (2) (2) (2) d) Mention two proposals put forward by Sir Stafford Cripps to resolve the political deadlock. (2) e) Which are the working Languages of the UN? (2) f) What does the Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Right state? (2) g) When was Bengal partitioned? Name the new province that was created after the Partition of Bengal. (2) h) Name the two newspapers started by BalGangadharTilak in order to spread the ideals of nationalism. i) What is meant by Satyagraha? j) Mention two factors responsible for the growth of Assertive Nationalism. 1 | Page (2) (2) (2)

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