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ICSE Class X Prelims 2023 : English Paper 2 (English Literature) (Royal Academy, West Medinipur) : Pre-Board

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Satyam Dey
Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan (VSN), West Medinipur
XI-XII Commerce
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Royal Arademy Pre-Board Examination Class: X Subject: Literature in English Session: 2022 2023 Full Marks: 80 Time : 2 Hrs. The paper has four sections. Section- A is compulsory. All questions in Section- A mustbe answered. You must attempt one questions from each of the sections B, C and D and one other question from any section of your choice.] Section - AA [Attempt all questions from this section] [16) Question 1. Read the following questions and choose the most appropriate response from the choices given below. Please do not copy the question - simply write out in correct serial order the appropriate word or phrase. A. In William Words Worth's poem Daffodils, where are the Daffodils situated? b) Beneath the trees in an orchard. d) Beside the river. a) c) Behind the forest. By the side of the lake. B. a) In the poem. I know why the caged Birdsings, the caged bird is fearful because b) No one would think about it. It doesn't think its dreams would be fulfilled. d) It cannot fly in the sky. It would never be able to be bold. c) C. In the poem Nine Gold Medals, what was the unexpected thing that happened? a) The shortest athlete among them stumbled, staggered and fell to his knees on the ground. b) The youngest athlete among them stumbled, staggered and fell to his knees on the ground. c) The eldest among them stopped to help the youngest runner. When the youngest among them fell, everyone else continued their race. d) D. In the poem Abou Ben Adhm which poetic device is used in this line : 'Making it rich and like a lily in bloom? c) Personification b) Metaphor d) No poetic device is used in this line a) Simile E. a) In the poem The Patriot, what does myrtle signify? b) Praise c) Bravery Respect F. es In the short story My Great,Olympic Prize' Jesse Qwens set a new record of - d) All of these a) 26 feet 5-5/16 inches b) 5 feet 6-7/14 inches c) 32 feet 4-4/14 inches d) 25 feet 4 - 4/25 inches in Berlin Olympics: G. How old was Kate in'An angel in Disguise? a) 7 years old b) 12 years old c) Between ten and eleven years old d) 15 years old H. IN the line taken from the short story'The Little Match gir "She crept along, shivering and hungry. the What does To slowly move backward picture of misery". a) c) To quickly move forward I. In the short a) Infant 'Crept along' mean? b) To quickly move backward d) To slowly move forward story The Blue Bead, Sibia started working since she was afan b) Toddler e) Teenager - d) 8- years old

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