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ICSE Class X Prelims 2019 : Defence Against The Dark Acts (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogsmeade)

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Rikhil Gupta
Christ Academy ICSE School, Bangalore
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HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY SUBJECT: DEFENCE AGAINST THE DARK ACTS PRE O.W.L.S. Grade: 5th year students ; Maximum marks: 90 Answers to this paper should be written on the scroll that appears. You will not be allowed to write during the first 9-3/4 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. With the wave of the wand of the invigilator, a scroll and ink pen with ink-pot will appear on your desk. This is the time when your writing time begins. After 2 hrs, the scroll and the pen will disappear, and you cannot write after that. Wands, own pens or any other magical instruments are strictly prohibited. Question-1 Wands 1. What are the different layers of a wand? Give an example of a material for each layer. [5] 2. State how an allegiance of a wand may change from one person to another(2 pts) [2] 3. What will happen if a person tries to use a wand whose true allegiance does not lie to him or her. [3] Question-2 History 1. When Voldemort tried to torture Harry in the forbidden forest using crucio from the elder wand, why did harry not feel anything? And a little while ago when he used killing curse, why did harry not die? [2] 2. Give some information on The Legendry Duel. [4] 3. Name 4 members each of both the sides during the battle of Hogwarts. What was the outcome of the same? Why was it fought? [2+1+1] Question-3 Spells, charms, and curses 1. State any 2 ways to defend/protect an unforgivable curse. [2] 2. Which is the most useful spell against dementors, and how to conjure it? [3] 3. Which spell can be used for: i) breaking a lock ii) fixing toes/glasses iii) stun someone iv) make someone bleed from several spots v) heal a condition in (iv) [5] Question-4 Quick travelling 1. What are the modes of magical transport? [3] 2. Which is the fastest one among the above? Under what conditions can it be used. State 2 places where you cannot perform this. [1+2+2] 3. When a bad guy(magical) is chasing you, state, giving reasons, which transport will you use. [2] Question-5 Situational decision

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