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Pune University - SY BSc (Sem - I) ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE - II, April 2010

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Total No. of Questions : 4] P286 [Total No. of Pages : 2 [3717] - 129 S.Y. B.Sc. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE ENV - 202 : Hydrology (New Syllabus) (Paper - II) (Sem. - I) Time : 2 Hours] Instructions to the candidates: 1) All questions are compulsory. 2) Draw neat & labelled diagrams wherever necessary. 3) Figures to the right indicate full marks. [Max. Marks : 40 Q1) Attempt the following in 1-2 lines each : a) Give the sources (any 2) of surface water. b) Define : Meteoric water. c) What is infiltration? d) What is secondary acquifer? e) Define Aquicludes. f) What is a renewable resource? Give one example. g) What do you mean by cannate water? h) Define recharge of ground water. i) What is meant by catchment area? j) [10] Define the term : Water pollution. Q2) Write short notes on Any Two of the following each in 8-10 lines : [10] a) Give a diagrammatic representation of hydrological processes explaining each step. b) Write a note on consequences of water pollution. c) Describe ground water contamination. P.T.O.

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Additional Info : S.Y. B.Sc. Environmental Science (Semister - I), ENV - 202 : Hydrology (Paper - II) (New Course), Pune University
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