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Pune University - Cell Organization and Biochemistry, April 2010

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Total No. of Questions : 5] [Total No. of Pages : 2 P1008 [3725] - 103 M.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY MB - 503 : Cell Organization and Biochemistry (2008 Pattern) Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 80 Instructions to the candidates: 1) All questions are compulsory. 2) All questions carry equal marks. 3) Neat well labeled diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary. 4) Use of log tables and electronic pocket calculators is allowed. 5) Assume suitable data if necessary. Q1) Attempt any two of the following : [16] a) Describe the protein transport between ER and cell organelles. b) What is cytoskeleton? Explain its biological significance. c) What is quorum sensing? Explain its role in virulence of pathogenic bacteria. Q2) Attempt any two of the following : [16] a) Justify. Many weak non-covalent interactions stabilize the three dimensional structure of proteins . b) Justify. Even if RNA is single stranded it can possess extensive secondary structure . c) Describe the classification of phospholipids with suitable examples. Q3) Attempt any two of the following : [16] a) Diagrammatically illustrate the process of gastrulation in Drosophilla. b) Diagrammatically illustrate the D-series of aldoses. c) Compare and contrast between organization of genomic and organelle DNA. P.T.O.

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Additional Info : M.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY, MB - 503 : Cell Organization and Biochemistry (2008 Pattern), Pune University
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