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Pune University - FY BSc COMPUTER SCIENCE (Paper - I), April 2010

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Total No. of Questions : 5] [Total No. of Printed Pages : 4 [3718]-1 F. Y. B. Sc. (Computer Science) Examination - 2010 COMPUTER SCIENCE PAPER - I INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING AND C PROGRAMMING (New 2008 Pattern) Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 80 Instructions : (1) All questions are compulsory. (2) Figures to the right indicate full marks. (3) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary. Q.1) Answer the following : (Any Ten) [1x10=10] (1) Give advantages of C Language. (2) What is Source Program and Object Program ? (3) C is a middle level language. Comment. (4) State any four Escape Sequences. (5) How many keywords are used in C Language ? (6) Give rules to declare an Identifier. (7) Give syntax and purpose of go to and label statement. (8) How to access data member from a structure ? (9) What is the difference between SEEK-SET and SEEK-CUR ? (10) Explain any two modes in which files can be opened ? (11) Compare Structure and Union with respect to Memory Management. (12) Explain difference between Pre-increment and Post-increment Operator. [3718]-1 1 P.T.O.

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Additional Info : F.Y. B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE (Paper - I) : Introduction to Programming and ‘C’ Programming (New 2008 Pattern), Pune University
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