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ICSE Class IX Prelims 2022 : Computer Applications (St. Xaviers Institution (SXI), Panihati, Kolkata)

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Priyanshu Shee
St. Xavier's Institution (SXI), Panihati, Kolkata
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Email: For Panihati : Ruiya : St. Xavier s Institution 1st Short Test Examination 2021-2022 Class IX Subject: - Computer Applications Full Marks: 50 Section A [20 Marks] Q 1. Answers the following Questions a) What are Escape Sequences? Write the purpose of escape sequence \t . b) Write the full form of ASCII. c) Name 1 type of non-numeric Literals with one example. d) Define Punctuators. Name one type of punctuator. e) Define Primitive data types with 1 example. f) Write the size of int data type. g) Identify the literals: - i) 0.7 ii) true h) Define the Following: i) Machine Language ii) Interpreter iii) Compiler iv) Source code i) Define GUI based Java Application with one example. j) Name two features of JAVA. [1+1] [1] [1+1] [1+1] [1+1] [1] [1+1] [4 X 1] [1+1] [1+1] Section B [30 Marks] Write any 2 programs in Java. Write variable descriptions and at least 4 to 5 comment lines with all programs. Q2. Write a program to input a number. Check and print if the number is an Armstrong number or not. [ A number is Armstrong number when sum of cube of digits of the number is equal to the number. Ex: 153=13+53+33] Q3. Write a program to input basic salary of a person and calculate the DA and the gross salary and print them. The DA is calculated as per the rules given below: Basic (Rs.) DA (%) < 2000 5% of basic 2000 to less than 7000 8% of basic 7000 to less than 10000 10% of basic > = 10000 12% of basic Gross Salary = Basic + DA Q4. Write a menu- driven program to input the radius of a circle. Print the area or circumference of a circle according to user s choice. [Area= , Circumference=2 ]


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Additional Info : ICSE Class IX Mid-term 2022 : Computer Applications (St. Xaviers Institution (SXI), Panihati, Kolkata)
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