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ICSE Class X Prelims 2024 : Geography (Karnataka ICSE Schools Association KISA, Bengaluru)

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KARNATAKA ICSE SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION ICSE STD. X Preparatory Examination 2024 Subject: GEOGRAPHY H.C.G Paper 2 Maximum Marks: 80 Time Allowed: 2Hours Date:22/01/2024 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: Answer to this paper must be written on the paper provided separately. You will NOT be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes. This time is to be spent in reading the question paper. The time given at the head of this paper is the time allowed for writing the answers. Attempt seven questions in all. Part I is compulsory. All questions from Part-I are to be attempted. A total of five questions are to be attempted from Part II. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. _____________________________________________________________________________ PART-I (30 Marks) (Attempt all the questions from this part) Question 1 Study the extract of the Survey of India Map Sheet No. G43S10 and answer the following questions: (i) Name the type of drainage pattern in 6320 and 6815. [1] (ii) Identify the settlement pattern in 6913 and 6821. [1] (iii) What does the following indicate? [2] (a) Red dotted line in 6619. (b) Rocky Knob in 6816 (c) Falls 12m in 7019 (d) (blue circle with + sign) in 6821 (iv) Calculate the direct distance between Gautam Maharishi Mandir to Hanumanji ka mandir. [2] (v) Identify the contour diagram in the grid square 7014 and state how is the slope in the grid square 6715. [2] (vi) Give two evidences to prove that the area experiences seasonal rainfall. [2] Question 2 On the outline map of India provided: [10] (a) Mark and label Tropic of Cancer (b) Mark and label Tungabhadra (c) Mark and label Konkan Coast (d) Mark and label Eastern Ghats (e) Mark with a dot and name the city which is situated in the Coromandel Coast. Page 1 of 7

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