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ISC Class XII Board Exam 2020 : Fashion Designing Paper 1 (Theory)

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ISC 12th
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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FASHION DESIGNING PAPER 1 (THEORY) (Maximum Marks: 70) (Time allowed: Three hours) (Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Answer five questions, choosing at least two from Section A and two from Section B. Use illustrations/sketches/diagrams wherever necessary. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION A Question 1 (a) Explain any seven secondary properties of textile fibres. [7] (b) Write short notes on the following components of serviceability of textile products: [7] (i) (ii) Durability Appearance retention Question 2 (a) Explain the process of wet spinning used in the production of filament yarns. [7] (b) With reference to fabric construction techniques, discuss plain-weave and its variants. [7] Question 3 Write short notes on the following: (a) Knotting [3 ] (b) Fur [3 ] (c) Fused fabrics [3 ] (d) Satin weave [3 ] Question 4 (a) Give a description of the nine-yard Maharashtrian sari drape along with a sketch. [7] (b) Write a short note on the Mekhala Chadhar. [7] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1220-865A This paper consists of 2 printed pages. Copyright reserved. Turn over

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