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ISC Specimen 2015 Listening Skills (English Language Paper 1) Class XI Internal Assessment

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ISC 12th
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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ENGLISH - CLASS XI INTERNAL ASSESSMENT ON LISTENING SKILLS ENGLISH LISTENING SKILLS Guidelines for Teachers Material: 1. The Teacher s copy comprising Guidelines for Teachers and the Passage for Oral Reading. 2. The Question Paper comprising questions and answers in multiple choice. Instructions for the conduct of the assessment: 1. Candidates are seated as for a written examination. 2. The recommended number of candidates at a sitting is thirty. 3. The question Paper and a sheet of rough paper are to be distributed to the students before the reading of the passage takes place. At this stage students enter their name, class, roll number on the question paper and read the Note for Students . 4. The passage is read aloud clearly by the teacher twice, the first time at normal speed (about 110 words a minute) and the second time at a slower speed. Between the two readings the teacher may give a pause for about three minutes to allow the students to read the questions. 5. Students may make brief notes on the rough paper given to them, during the readings. 6. At the end of the second oral reading the teacher directs the candidates to answer the objective type questions given in the question paper. 7. Candidates will enter their answers in ink. 8. The duration of the assessment is 30 minutes, which includes the time taken for the two readings and answering the questions on the question paper. The passage is overleaf. __________________________________________________________________________________ ISC Class XI 2012

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Additional Info : ISC Board English Langjuage Listening Skills Class XI
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