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ISC Board Specimen 2015 : Physics Paper 1 (Theory)

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ISC 12th
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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PHYSICS PAPER 1 (THEORY) (Three hours) (Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Answer all questions in Part I and ten questions from Part II, choosing four questions from Section A, three questions from Section B and three questions from Section C. All working, including rough work, should be done on the same sheet as, and adjacent to, the rest of the answer. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ]. (Material to be supplied: Log tables including Trigonometric functions) A list of useful physical constants is given at the end of this paper. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PART I (20 Marks) Answer all questions. Question 1 A. Choose the correct alternative (a), (b), (c) or (d) for each of the questions given below: (i) Two point charges 17.7 C and -17.7 C, separated by a very small distance, are kept inside a large hollow metallic sphere. Electric flux emanating through the sphere is: (a) 2 106 Vm (b) (c) Zero (d) (ii) -2 106 Vm 4 106 Vm Ohm s law, in vector form is: (a) (b) J = E (c) V = IR (d) (iii) J = E E = J If the current (I) flowing through a circular coil, its radius (R) and number of turns (N) in it are each doubled, magnetic flux density at its centre becomes: (a) Two times (b) Four times (c) Eight times (d) Sixteen times ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------27 ISC SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER 2015 [5]

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