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ISC Class XII Board Specimen 2015 : Art Paper 4

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ISC 12th
Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC), New Delhi
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ART PAPER 4 Original Imaginative Composition in Colour This paper is to be given to the candidates one week in advance. 100 Marks (Three hours) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INSTRUCTIONS You are required to make an original composition based on any aspect of one of the subjects given below: Before starting work, take careful note of the following instructions (a), (b) and (c). (a) You must on no account copy or base your composition on any picture you have seen. Failure to observe this direction may lead to disqualification. (b) Your picture should fill, or approximately fill, your sheet of paper. (c) Except for the number of the question and your Unique Identification Number (UID), you must not write on the front of your picture, but you may write anything you wish at the back. (d) Also, you are required to fill in the OMR sheet as instructed and attach it to the front surface of the paper. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Select any one of the following topics stating its number: 1. Make a scene of the dispersal time at your school. The bell has rung for school to be over for the day and children can be seen running or walking excitedly towards school busses or cars at the gate. Emphasis should be on perspective and the carefree mood found at such times. 2. A birthday is coming up in your family. You have gone with either friends or family to a cake shop to select a cake for the occasion. Many types of confectionaries are on display. The man at the counter is trying to help you make up your mind. 3. A debate competition is on in your school. The scene is set with two teams facing each other, judges, audience and a speaker is at the podium. 4. You live on the 15th floor of a building and are looking out of a window. Describe what all you can see. For example only: tops of houses, parks, other buildings or maybe cars far below. 5. An elder is telling a story around a fire. All are listening with rapt attention, their faces reflecting the expression which would give us an idea what the story could be about. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------77 ISC SPECIMEN QUESTION PAPER 2015


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