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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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A body of mass 0.2 kg falls from a height of 10 m to a height of 6 m above the ground. Find the loss in potential energy taking place in the body.
asked by ICSE (icse) 1 year ago

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Icse 2018 french(second language) board paper
asked by Arvind (usersnames) 1 year ago
French 2023 Board Paper Answer Key
asked by PrntBks (kritiseq) 1 year ago

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What is the difference between Agro Based and Forest Based industries? Give one example of each.
asked by Yogesh (yogesh) 1 year ago

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Useful site idk why its so dead, from the reviews here I can see it was once a good community, honestly would be so fun to chat with other people from diff schools going through the same shit.
asked by Catz7 (kavinmistry) 1 year ago
This feels so nostalgic. ICSE 2017 almost going to be 6 years since i joined here. Idk where everyone is now, but i hope y'all are doing great. It's funny to see this place so dead, but I'll never forget those memories we made here. This place is unforgettable haha :))
asked by Anshika Jaiswal (anshika28) 1 year ago
It feels so nostalgic to be back here and see people, similar names. Those endless discussion on a question over the question papers. Those good old ICSE and ISC days. Hope all of you guys are doing well :)
asked by Rishi dey chowdhury (rishidc) 1 year ago
idk if yall remember me, but im @xaryangupta on insta, 2019 batch
asked by Aryan Gupta (xprince) 1 year ago
4 years ago, I remember making the most out of this platform for my 10th Boards. But then, this page had more traffic than my facebook feed back then. Questions were answered as soon they were coming in. 

This page brings back so many good memories, but I can't help but feel really sad about the situation of it right now.  The last post here is 151 days ago. I just recommended the site to my younger brother. Ah I hope the current monotonic state of this page would slide over in the coming days and continue to be a great help social hub for all the students!
asked by Roshan Geo Roy (yoboyyy) 1 year ago
feel sad seeing condition of this site
asked by Ansh Anand (teleansh) 2 years ago

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