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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi
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Anyone still on here? 2019 batch!
asked by Joseph Chennattu (joseph444) 3 years ago
please provide the answers for your chemistry icse acids bases and salt paper!!!!
asked by Hriday Sethi (terabaap92) 3 years ago
What's your favourite self-isolation activity
asked by Hype Beast (hypebeast) 3 years ago
Will exam be cancelled?
asked by Soham Jha (soham1108) 3 years ago
Let's make this place lively man. However many people there are, since we now have 20 days left for our leisure
asked by Aquaman- King of the Seven Seas (shauns) 3 years ago

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I'm back!!!!!!
Yeah, it's been a while, Narayana's kept me a lil' busy, but corona kinda helped me out here...
Any 2019 batch wale hmu!!!
asked by Mr. Mathematics (aditya_bandaru) 3 years ago
Congratulations to Mr Rikhil Gupta for getting such a wonderful rank in KVPY SA....
Your passion and love for science is praiseworthy!
May you have a wonderful future!
asked by ⚡The Flash⚡ (devanshu8) 3 years ago
What are you guys doing? Seriously...
I just binged 2 seasons of Riverdale in Netflix. Are you guys really studying?
asked by Alan (anuakil) 3 years ago

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write a program in java to accept a string in lower case and change the first letter of every word to upper case .display the new string
asked by Akshat Gupta (akshatgupta95) 3 years ago
Where can I get ICSE class X Music papers
asked by Siya Sharma (siya88) 3 years ago

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