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where can I see answer key of the maths Prelim papers for 2020 ISC
asked by Parv Bhadra (vasu_peppy) 1 year ago
Another article in my blog....published after a loong time.
asked by Rikhil Gupta (rikhil32) 1 year ago

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kindly help with ICSE prelim 2019 - 2020 physics.chemistry, computer prelim papers fro 1.) dhirubhai ambani school, 2.) jb petit 3.) jamnabhai
asked by Mobileworld Asia (aleem100) 1 year ago
When are your Boards gonna end ?
asked by Rishi dey chowdhury (rishidc) 1 year ago

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In the 2019 ICSE Math Paper, why is the probability of a disc with odd number 12/25 in the analysis?
(Question 5 a)
asked by Harsh Manghnani (harshm04) 1 year ago
In a formal letter if we are to write one to the police commissioner regarding the traffic congestion outside your school. What must be the sender's address?
asked by Ritu Rajesh (riturajesh2004) 1 year ago
Has she written to you? (Change voice)
Please answer the above question.
asked by Yeshwanth VM (yeshwanth_vm) 1 year ago
To all my resmates, we had spent aweaome time in the chatroom..dng all kind of fun..i dnt knw where u all guys wld be wherever and in whichever field u r, just rock it! I knw u guys wld be very much rocking it...all d best fr ur future!!
P.s. : if anyone junior to me (i m frm the 2018 batch) is reading this and planning to take medical in future..then plz think twice before ur decision...or else just inbox me...i knw the pain of studying fr medical :p...its worst than ur 10th boards
asked by Nikki (rshah21) 1 year ago
"I will prepare the dinner. You advise me."
 Join the above sentences

please help
asked by Divyatmika Mohanty (divyatmika_mohanty) 1 year ago
Can someone write for me an essay or some good points on Environmental change and protection?
asked by hemasingh 1 year ago
A note to all of the ICSE students:

Refer Children's academy prelims paper:
1. Keep in mind that you should never change the tense in your answer. For example: Engulfed - Devoured; Indicating - Pointing out. Changing the tense will result in penalization (loss of marks)

2. Write your meanings as per the context:

For example: Engulfed has two meanings - Ate or Covered. But as per the context (they were eaten by the dog) So ate is the most appropriate one. Check if your meaning is correct contextually

3.Do not write more than one meanings. Marks will be awarded only if all your answers are right. For instance:

Indicating - Pointing out/ saying..

will be penalized as the second meaning is wrong. It's far better to present one answer only.

Cheers y'all, 

P.S. I wanted to make sure that none of us lose marks in a simple question like meanings. All the best, resmates..
asked by Alan (anuakil) 1 year ago

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1. Is X-Rays in syllabus?
2. What do we need to study in 'communication systems'?
asked by (godblessme20) 1 year ago

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asked by Warblazer games&more (warblazer) 1 year ago
Hello! Seems like Res is dead but just wanted to wish the people still lurking here, A Best of Luck for their Exams! This website has literally the best thing that happened to me during my ICSE boards and I couldn't have asked for anything better! I hope that y'all are doing good these days!! I can only speak from my experience so a tip for the ones giving their exam these days: Get your books and get out of the damn house. or incorporate exercise in your hectic schedule. BUT PLEASE. get out. I was a hermit in my room for a month which is not good because my legs terribly gave up after and studying in one place won't do you any favours. get done fresh air. You've got this!!!
asked by Isha Choudhury (dessicatedcoconut) 1 year ago
Hi ,
I could'nt find French Language group 3 elective questions papers.,
I was able to find only one paper posted by Aayushmaan Jain
asked by Aruna Kumari (sansai) 1 year ago
link to some of isc english literature prelims
asked by Tiara Elizabeth (thejtthomas) 1 year ago
Press 'F' for the one who made this meme!
Link :
Note : icse_toughest_of_all_existing deleted that post as soon as he read this!
asked by |∆| (broken_heart) 1 year ago

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Idk what I’m doing here ive math tomorrow hAhA
asked by Aditi RK (sciencegeek) 1 year ago

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Will the square table be provided by the council for icse or we have to fid the value on our own?
asked by Sk Nazrul Amin (myexams) 1 year ago
english literature paper tomorrow for isc peeps im so shit scared
asked by Preeti Kamath (peekay4) 1 year ago
do you have solutions of the specimen paper accounts 2020? isc class 12
asked by Gauri Khare (gaurikhare) 1 year ago
does no one study nowadays why is res ded
asked by Gargie D'souza (gar_d02) 1 year ago

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Res is Dead.....
asked by Ansh Anand (teleansh) 1 year ago
hi can you give me some prelim papers
asked by Hiya Venkataswaran (hiya72) 1 year ago
hi, do we get solved prelims papers for ISC? please revert ASAP
asked by Ramanathan Iyer (mahimar) 1 year ago
What is a basket good
asked by Sakina Mirza (sakina47) 1 year ago
How should I study chemistry for isc class 11 finals??
my inorganic chemistry is bad
physical chemistry is great
and organic mediocre.
Please don't post obvious answers
asked by Bishwa Bhusan Saha (bishwa_bhusan_saha) 1 year ago
anyone from pps?
asked by Rushil Wamanse (rushil1712) 1 year ago
Pls upload Prelims paper of the year 2020 for Bombay Scottish School
asked by nimisha99 1 year ago
Anyone appeared for Dec FTRE exam?
asked by Bitthal Maheshwari (bitthal04) 1 year ago

+ 1 more questions by bitthal04  

Prose- sin20.sin40.sin80=√3/8

Can somebody please help me with this sum?
asked by Ssm (ssm2020) 1 year ago
Do I get answers for these question papers
asked by Nikunj k (nisha1978) 1 year ago
all the best for your boards
asked by Kumar Shantanu (kumar_shantanu) 1 year ago
Anyone know if byju has anything for icse? my dad asked me to look for it, and i thought i'd ask here.
asked by Cbox (cbox) 1 year ago
Felt nostalgic, might delete later.
asked by ... (sam307) 1 year ago
i upoaded my note on res papaer free of cost but why am i not able to download anything
asked by Dinesh Tamang (dinu12346) 1 year ago
Will i get solutions also
asked by Jyotika Dhareshwar (jyotikad) 1 year ago
explain 58 question
asked by Susmitha V (susmitha1411) 1 year ago
Where can i get class 12 History notes
asked by S Ray (correctanswer) 1 year ago
anybody has icse french 2019 board paper
asked by Dkg (dipticlass10) 1 year ago
where do i get the solutions for specimen paper 2017
asked by Jai Sai Maruthi Surgicals (qwerty2004) 1 year ago
want to download the papers ...asking for payment, when entered details, it is not taking
asked by Vasudev Ka (lily18) 1 year ago
how to get the answer for the prelim paper
asked by Srinarayanan Srinivas (neymarfan) 1 year ago
how to get the answers for the sample question paper on 9th standard.
asked by Dinesh Vindu (dineshvindu) 1 year ago
Plzz help!!! I need icse 2019 class 10 physics specimen paper.....
asked by Sweetty Jain (prachi_jain11) 1 year ago
what is a timetable of 2020 of class 12  of board
asked by Bhawna Saxena (naitiksaxena5) 1 year ago
HEY EVERYONE! How 're you all doing?
asked by Aayush Joshi (aayushjoshi) 1 year ago
2020 Timetable's been released
27 Feb Eng1
3 Mar  Maths
6 Mar  Eng2
11 Mar HC
13 Mar Phy
16 Mar Che
18 Mar Sec Lang
20 Mar Geo
23 Mar CTA/Group 3 elective
26 Mar Hindi 
30 Mar Bio
asked by Sanjay (sanjay673) 1 year ago
can i get sample or previous question papers for 2nd language Oriya or any link for Oriya
asked by Raaga Sanhita (raaga1612) 1 year ago
9th english literature question paper
asked by Mithun miras mithun (mithunmiras) 1 year ago

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