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ANTONIO: So please my lord the duke and all the court 
                  To quit the fine for one-half of his goods
                   I am content; so he will let me have
                   The other half in use, to render it,
                    Upon his death, unto the gentleman
                    That lately stole his daughter:
                    Two things provided more,-that, for this favour,
                     he presently become a Christian;
                     The other, that he do record a gift,
                     Here in the court, of all he dies possess'd,
                     Unto his son Lorenzo and his daughter.
asked by Kailas Shankar (kailasonic) 5 years ago

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Useful site idk why its so dead, from the reviews here I can see it was once a good community, honestly would be so fun to chat with other people from diff schools going through the same shit.
asked by Catz7 (kavinmistry) 335 days ago

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